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The World of Avaricia

Avaricia is a country, filled with people who have become greedy and complacent. The bulk of these people live within a dome city, entitled New Eden, a virtual Utopia where all their needs are granted, and desires are easy to attain. However, the powers that be are forever seeking more power, and more wealth. Those who refuse to live within the domed cities are labeled as outsiders. Across the mountains that seperate the New Eden region from the East coast of the land lies a small village of outsiders: Bajerbas Village. Within this village can be found a group of elite fighters, seeking to help free those who are enslaved within New Eden and the dome cities across the world. The whole concept of Avaricia is based on these two opposing sides, Utopia and Dystopia, and the struggle to bring hope and freedom to a world full of despair.

Map of Avaricia

Port Veslinn

Twenty years before the true start of the story, the capital of Avaricia, Port Veslinn was attacked by a super-weapon called a Parakinetic Canon which was attached to an airplane. At first, appearing as a small beam of light, it expanded into a powerful ray that turned the once bustling metropolis into ruins. Many people died that day. Those who survived moved into the newly constructed dome city of New Eden, located about a hundred miles on the other side of the mountains. History says that the neighboring country of Kemarahan was behind the attack. There had been a long-standing conflict of interest over borders and resources. In an attempt to resolve the issue, the country decided to use force. This escalated into a widespread war, which ended with a peace treaty two years later. Port Veslinn was never rebuilt. The city now stands in ruins, after being entirely abandoned for almost two decades.

New Eden

Built over a once bustling town, New Eden was the first dome city to be constructed in the world. After the destruction of Port Veslinn, a good deal of the surviors were transported to New Eden, where they took up residence and became citizens. The city is a utopia. Although it may not be perfect in all ways, people are provided with their needs, while they are free to work for their wants and desires. Thus, people in New Eden and other dome cities are generally very happy individuals. Crime is almost non-existent, but the occasional theft or murder does happen within the walls of each city. However, the rate at which these incidents occur is far less than the open cities of the past. The gates of New Eden are open to new citizens. However, once you enter the gates, you hand over your right to leave the dome cities for the remainder of your life.

Bajerbas Village

Situated in the heart of the protective Bajerbas Mountain range which stretches across the southern peninsula of the continent, Bajerbas Village is a small town made up mostly of refugees, and common people who chose not to dwell within New Eden. The villagers lived for twenty years in backwards conditions, without electricty, modern transportation, and even running water. Thus, the villagers live off the land, as people did hundreds of years prior. They are a peaceful people. However, an incident ten years ago brought about change for the people of Bajerbas. A female engineer from New Eden made her way to the village, weak and near death. After recovering, she introduced the people of Bajerbas to Parakinetic Technology. Suddenly, the people of the village had power in their hands. Most of the young men, and some of the young women in the village joined the female engineer, and created what is known as the Rubicon Faction. After rigorous training, these men and women became highly skilled fighters, technicians, and spies. Their mission is to bring liberation to the people of New Eden, and uncover the truths about the destruction of Port Veslinn twenty years ago.