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What is Avaricia?

Founded in March of 2008, Avaricia is an online avatar community where you can create a unique character to represent yourself. Chat with others on our forums, play games, collect items, and much more!

A different place. A different mindset.

We're a smaller and close-knit community with a more mature feel, with friendly members, and a helpful and welcoming staff. We're a place that feels like home and members that feel like family. On other websites, you often feel lost in the crowd, like your voice may not be heard in all the noise. On Avaricia, you are more than just a username, you are one of us!

Avaricia has a diverse userbase! Our members welcome everyone both young and young at heart, while our staff creates a friendly and safe environment for all. This is one place where you won't feel unwelcome because you're grown up, but not unsafe because you are young!

Made for Fun with Love This community was created as a fun-side project for the site creator's webcomic. Avaricia is always free to play! We do offer donation items to help fund improvements and hire new artistic talent. For those who are unable to donate, we're always running contests, prizes and raffles to help members obtain Trinkets (a currency given to those who are able to donate to the website's funds) or special items that can only be purchased with these trinkets! Don't be fooled by the name! We're all about community!

An engaging story.

Avaricia is a world of excitement and adventure, set in a war-torn land of the future. Humanity has taken up residence inside of dome cities—utopian civilizations. However, there are those who oppose this way of life, choosing to live in a dying land of destruction. Within these pockets are groups of elite fighters, searching for the truth behind the wars that laid waste to their world, wars based on greed and lust for power. It's a battle of Utopia and Dystopia. Which side will you take?

What our members have to say:

"Ava just ROCK'S. I love the avatars, the people are great, and it's just fun to be here. I'm not a big talker and, I don't feel like I have to be here but, I can also join into a conversation without getting ignored or people being rude and mean." - Sapphire Rose

"Avaricia is my favorite place to be because of the way the staff really gets to know its members and they actually listen to our suggestions. They don't just hang out in the background, they are right there posting with the members." - Crunkness

"I always love it here as everyone is so friendly, generous and helpful, no matter how dumb the question is. [You're] always welcomed back with open arms like a long lost family member, as though no time has passed since your last visit." - OPALNYX