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Avarician Virtual Currencies

In the world of Avaricia, you will encounter two main currencies. Many websites use one, but because of the dual nature of the world, there are two. To lessen the confusion, this page will explain each of the currencies and what they are used for.


Credits are used in the New Eden Shopping District, as well as in various other areas. In the world of Avaricia, credits are obtained fairly easily. They are available for all citizens of the Dome Cities. On this site, however, you will earn these by posting on the forums, and later, by playing games and participating in activities across the site. You can only gain a maximum of 5O credits per post, no matter how long the post is.

Credits are represented by this graphic:


Jades are used outside of the dome cities, and is traded in coin format. They are mined from jade caverns deep within the Bajerbas mountains. You can only use Jades in the Bajerbas Village shops. One shop, in particular, carries some very noteworthy items. Because of the rarity of these coins, they are worth more than credits.For this reason, Jades are the most sought-after currency by Avaricians. You can only gain a maximum of 25 jades per post, no matter how long the post is.

Credits are represented by this graphic:

Exchanging Credits for Jades

You also have the option to exchange your earned credits into Jades. This can help you greatly when trying to quest for certain items. Jades are worth twice as much as credits. So, two Credits would be worth one Jade. Likewise, 2,000 Credits will give you 1,000 Jades. However, you cannot exchange Jades back into credits, so be careful when using this feature!

Exchange your Credits for Jades


Lastly, trinkets are given as a “trinket" of appreciation for helping the website by donating to the site. You can exchange your Trinkets for items in the Trinkets and Treasures shop. For each dollar that you are able to donate, you will receive one Trinket. Trinkets cannot be traded with other Avaricians. They are yours and yours alone. However, you can trade and exchange the items that are purchased with Trinkets.

Credits are represented by this graphic: